Registered Charity Number: 1184302 (England and Wales)


We are run by volunteers and 100% of our Donations goes to fighting extreme child poverty

We cover Our operational costs by selling tickets to our 24 hour running events.  

2018 Run For Child Poverty

.......Street children are vulnerable to exploitation by abusers who may sexually assault them, forcibly recruit them into criminal activities, traffic them and send them out into the streets to beg and steal. 


We firmly believe that no child should have to suffer in this way. No child should have to face extreme adversities alone or grow into an adult with the conviction that the world is an evil place, devoid of love and humanity. Too many children who live in poverty around the world grow up with this mindset, believing the world is harsh, cold and cruel, because what they needed so desperately in childhood was denied to them.


We are made up of volunteers with a love for running – people who have run for pleasure, for competition and for health.......


Now we run to save lives!


We stage running events to raise funds and awareness then support small established projects around the globe with the resources to enable them to save more children off the streets and into education gifting them a chance to escape poverty.


100% of Donations received goes directly towards alleviating child poverty, We will give you access to our yearly accounts on our website and Regular updates of the difference your money is making! Take a look at our current projects....

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